HSE supervisor 12 HSE supervisor1
Course Name : HSE Supervisor
Course Duration: 18 h
Course overview:
Course objectives:
Is the preparation of a supervisor of health, safety and environment in the field of safety, environment and health is able to take over the supervision and management of his workplace by obtaining this huge amount of information in the areas of peace, environment and health
Course content :
First part : Safety
1- Introduction to Safety, Health and Environment.
2 – Defining who is the supervisor and what are his duties and responsibilities in the workplace
3. What are the admin attributes?
4- The basics of health and occupational safety
5 – know all things and aspects that pertain to personal protection equipment
6 – How to supervise and work in confined places and what are the most important terms to work in those places
7- The most important ways to fight fires
8 – Fundamentals of awareness of oil and gas and work in the towers of drilling
9. Special risks and precautions for dealing with H2S gas
10. Effective investigation of work accidents and how to supervise the details of the investigation
11. Risk analysis of work through risk analysis and how to create a working paper for JHA and SJP
12. Risk analysis and control by identifying the five general hazard zones
13 – One of the most important ways to solve the special problems in your workplace using the map of mind and brainstorming and way mind melding
14 – work in high places and what equipment to protect from falling by working on scaffolding and stairs are unsafe
15 – How to establish work permits and to those who are given these permits
second part : Environment
Hazardous waste management
2- What are the hazardous wastes and what are their types and how they are disposed of
3 – What is recycling and how it is done
4- Method of converting plastic waste into oil
Third part / Health (first aid)
1 – Introduction to first aid
2 – Revitalize the heart and lungs
3 – block the airway
Bleeding and nose bleeding
5 – Blow the sun
6. Poisoning



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