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Course Name : Mechanical QA\QC

Course Overview :
Quality management is the process of controlling, ensuring, and improving quality; both in business operations and productivity. If customers are satisfied, chances are they feel they are receiving high-quality products that are constantly improved upon in order to keep up with the ever-changing times. The Certification Asia accredited quality courses are designed to help equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to enhance your quality management processes and the impact you have within your organization. Each course is delivered by highly qualified tutors who are practitioners in the field and bring their own practical experiences and wealth of knowledge into the classroom.

Topics Covered :
Module 1 Roles and Responsibilities of QA / QC Engineer Mechanical
Module 2 Introduction to ISO 9001 . ISO 9004 , ISO 14000. ISO 19011
Module 3 Interpretations of Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 : 2008
Module 4 International Codes and Standards
Module 5 Standard Material Specifications
Module 6 Overview of Type of Equipment
Module 7 QA / QC Requirements of Jobs / Projects
Module 8 Receiving Inspection , In process Inspection & Final Inspection
Module 9 Control of Nonconforming of Items / Products
Module 10 Calibration of Monitoring & Measuring Equipment
Module 11 Welding and NDT Requirements
Module 12 Preparation of Project Quality Plan
Module 13 Preparation of Inspection Test Plans – ITPs for Different Disciplines
Module 14 Preparation of QC Procedures for Different Disciplines
Module 14 Pressure Testing and Control of QA / QC Documents


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