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Course Overview:

Quality Assurance and Quality Control is applicable in construction, production and servicing industries. Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Instrumentation, production, automobile and even other branches also has QA/QC programs according to their requirement. Qualified and experienced persons are working in quality control department.

Usually fresh mechanical engineers do not have clear idea about the courses and certifications necessary to get placement as QA/QC Engineer / Inspector in industrial construction and in oil field industries. This condition became worse when candidates approach certain institutes, because they offer variety of courses which may or may not be required for QA/QC Engineer. Hence this has to be clear at first.

Who should attend?

  • QA/QC engineers
  • Inspection Engineers
  • Auditors
  • Owner representatives

Course Parts

  • Module1 Roles and Responsibilities of QA / QC Engineer – Civil
  • Module 2 Introduction to ISO 9001 . ISO 9004 , ISO 14000. ISO 19011
  • Module 3 International Codes and Standards
  • Module 4 Drawings and Abbreviations
  • Module 5 Excavation and Backfilling
  • Module 6 Construction of Asphalt Concrete paving
  • Module 7 Concreting Works
  • Module 8 Pre Stressed Concrete – Bridge Girders
  • Module 9 Concrete Trial Mix Test, Concrete Compressive Strength Test , Compaction (Density) Test etc.
  • Module 10 Receiving Inspection , In process Inspection & Final Inspection
  • Module 11 Control of Nonconforming of Items / Products
  • Module 12 Calibration of Monitoring & Measuring Equipment
  • Module 13 Project Quality Plan
  • Module 14 Preparation of Inspection Test Plans – ITPs
  • Module 15 Preparation of QC Procedures


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